Too Much To Bear

At this time of the year (most) Black Bears hunt for fresh salmon in the crystal clear waters of Alaska. They wait and wait – concentration is the key word. At times they take up different positions in the hope the salmon will be more plentiful. They hunt, they catch and usually go into the forest to devour them. Then they get stuck into a feed of berries and grass. After that, I was told, they fall asleep. A few hours later they start the whole process again. I snapped this one concentrating in Ketchikan at Neets Bay. 013_8715

A Picture Of Elegance

There she was just walking down the street at Vancouver Harbour in Canada so I quickly snapped a picture. I was far away from her, but I wish I’d been close enough to have a chat. But alas, she walked out of my life never to be seen again. (As far as I can see, the dress standard in Vancouver is far from colourful or elegant, so it was wonderful to see such a stylish woman). I wonder if the stole was beaver, moose, hare or fox. Maybe it was kangaroo.013_7240