Dancing Up A Storm

“OKAY CHARLIE, HIT HER WITH THE PURPLE LIGHTS,” I heard someone yell as I walked past this young lady at the Gold Coast 600 yesterday. She was on a big black box throwing her body in many different directions without a care in the world. She danced her little heart out for hundreds of people who mingled round the action. Good grief. Queensland, Australia.013_8079

Life’s Moments

Spotted a man in a wheelchair at the Gold Coast 600 when I noticed his thongs. I was intrigued so I snapped pictures from a few different angles. Then I approached him.
Me: “Hey there mate…they are you best thongs I have ever see. Everyday for you must be like a walk in the park.”
Grass Man: “Thanks mate, and they are very comfortable too.”
Me: “And what shop did you buy those from?”
Grass Man: “I bought them from a surf shop.”
Me: “I would have thought you’d bought them from a garden shop.”

Queensland, Australia.cp2_0596

Optical Illusion

Strolling through the Gold Coast Super Car 600 precinct yesterday when I spotted this lady who appeared to be bound to a tree. I quickly snapped a few pictures and scurried over to see what the hell was happening. I discovered she was simply leaning on the tree listening to the band, Woodstock. The rope was around the tree to secure a structure. The lady was bound to have had a great time. Queensland, Australia.cp2_0740