A Mohawk Moment

While in Sydney I’ve been attempting to snap a picture of the Opera House that may not have been taken before.This afternoon I saw this colourful dude with a whizz-bang hair-do so I asked if he’d let me snap his picture. “Yeah, no worries there mate,” he said. We had to stand high on a ledge so as not to get the clutter around us. Before I was warmed up, along comes a burly security officer who ordered us off the ledge. Hooray. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Spur-winged plover and chicks

I was thrilled to snap this on the Gold Coast while sitting on my electric bike: No noise no fuss. It is a Spur-winged plover who had four chicks, yes, four – very unusual. Two went into hiding under feathers at the back and as you can see another chick is just making its way undercover and another is waiting to do the same thing. The Spur-winged plover is so named because it has a sharp, yellow, black-tipped spur on each wing. It is also known as the Masked lapwing and Masked plover. Spur-winged plovers are ground-nesting birds, and they usually have two chicks. These birds used to migrate from Australia to Siberia, where they could nest in peace without any predators around. However, they breed in Australia, and have to constantly defend their chicks against intruders. Queensland, Australia.

Magnificent Cloud Formation

A wonderful cloud formation I snapped yesterday morning on the Gold Coast Broadwater. As I lined up my Nikon a young lady walking past said, “If you think that’s good, you should have seen it 15 minutes ago…the clouds completely engulfed the high-rise”. Of course I didn’t see it – bastard. Same old story. Hooray. Queensland, Australia.