She Doesn’t Eat Burgers & Fries

She loves burgers and fries – I bet she does. Snapped this picture in Hosier Lane, Melbourne: You can walk down the famous bluestone laneway and admire the street art that has made the Melbourne urban art scene known across the globe. Take in the dizzying array of colours, characters and shapes created by local and international artists alike. Victoria, Australia.

Mount Agung

This is Mount Agung, the volcano I snapped from Sanur in Bali, Indonesia, a few months ago. The volcano had not erupted since 1963 – until a few weeks ago. Flights were cancelled, people were angry, as a plume of volcanic ash and steam shot over 6000 metres into the sky. I wish I had been there when that happened. 


The feet of a homeless man who each night sleeps among the trees on the sand right beside the Broadwater on the Gold Coast. Of course this is not right, and my heart goes out to him. However, there are some people who prefer to sleep outdoors in such a way. And there are some who have no choice. I know this man, and he loves the great outdoors. I have seen people offer him food, blankets or clothes. Queensland, Australia.