I Stuffed Up

Yesterday morning on the hill at Miami on the Gold Coast, Australia, I was going to snap a picture of a row of high-rise along the foreshore in the early morning light. However, I decided to wait until the sun was brighter. Just as I was about to put my camera down, this bird came zooming in from somewhere and flew right over the top of me. If I’d spotted the bird coming towards my camera beforehand, I could have braced myself and perhaps snapped the bird in focus. But I stuffed it up. It could have been a cracker. (I do not know what type of bird it is, but as you can see by its wingspan, it was a bloody big bastard. Anyway, it’s still a yippee!

Honey Makes You Happy

I did a deal with this old grey gentleman who was selling honey on the streets of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Even though we spoke to each other, we could not understand a word the other was saying. By using facial expressions and elaborate hand movements, the gentleman soon understood that I would buy a bottle of honey if he let me take his picture. As if he had been instructed, he sat up and gazed straight down the barrel of my camera. I let the camera do the talking. I then handed him a substantial crisp rupiah note. He handed me the honey, but I gave it back. I gently touched his shoulder and continued on my merry way. I looked back and saw that he was still looking at the money I’d given him. Hooray.  


Fish Eyes

This wonderful woofer loves to chase fish. After I snapped this picture on the Gold Coast, I spoke to the dog’s owner who told me it would hunt all day if it was allowed to. The woofer waits and watches until it flushes out a fish or two (no matter how big or small) – and pounces, and keeps pouncing until the fish escapes. When the fish disappear from sight, the woofer continues the search. Hooray. Queensland, Australia.