Pink Moon Over Syros

Snapped a pink moon over Syros two nights ago about 9.00pm. It sure was nice of the skipper of the ferry to go past at the right time. My camera was hand held, leaning on a high railing, with a beer in my hand on a balcony where I am staying. I was lucky to get this because it was a bit cloudy. (Greece).

Above The Chimney Tops

I picture I snapped yesterday way above the chimney tops in the Plaka, Athens, I could see this sleeping cat on the tiles. I thought it would make a decent picture if it moved. I waited, with a beer in my hand, hoping in would at least lift its head. It did better than that – it stood up, had a stretch and laid down again and dozed off. Three cheers for the pussy cat. (Greece).

Corruption And Greece

I spotted two men and a lady filming down a wonderful laneway in Athens. I walked directly towards them snapping pictures. When I reached them, the man, who I believe to be the journalist said, “What TV station are you with – ABC or something.” I replied, “Hell no, I’m just Tommy – I’m having a holiday with two cameras.” We exchanged friendly banter and they explained they were from a TV station in Germany doing a story about corruption in Athens at the highest level. The female producer explained that time was expiring on the assistance they received from other EU countries during their debt crisis. (They asked would I send them some pictures. Nice people). 

One Of The Saddest Sights…

This is one of the saddest sights I have ever seen since being in Greece. This man, begging on the streets of Athens, appeared as though he’d been burnt. And if things weren’t bad enough, he had no hands. Jesus wept. Of course, I gave him a decent donation. As the man’s skin was so badly damaged I had to post this image in black and white. FOOTNOTE: A few small stall owners along the laneway were not happy that I gave money to the man instead of buying goods from their stalls. One of the owners certainly expressed his feelings. Bastard. (Greece).