Here’s Looking At You Kid

I was standing on a beach on the Gold Coast when this pelican flew toward me. I quickly turned and snapped a few pictures as it soared overhead. As you can see it was onto my antics – eyes focused and ready for anything. Hope he didn’t think I was a fish. Anyway, I don’t look like a fish. Do I? Queensland, Australia.dsc_3945

The Fuzz

Fleetingly, I met this bloke snapping pictures at Snapper Rocks early morning on the Gold Coast. We chatted about how much he loved shooting pictures of surfing. He said, “The other day I shot well over 100 pictures of various people surfing at Duranbah Beach.” I suggested his face was rather interesting. He didn’t agree. I told him he had great whiskers and asked if I could I knock off a few shots. He shyly agreed on that. Four or five clicks of the Nikon and that was that. Queensland, Australia.013_9186-1