Surprise – Surprise

This Pied Oystercatcher I snapped over the weekend was surprised by a incoming wild wave at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast. I knew this was bound to happen at some stage so I waited for the right moment: Oystercatchers are very shy of humans and seldom allows close approach. That’s for bloody sure. They are as wary little bastards. I snapped this one with a 300mm lens. Queensland, Australia.

A Rocky Start To The Morning

I’m not saying this man I photographed at Snapper Rock yesterday on the Gold Coast was in danger, but rock fishing is noted as the most dangerous sport in Australia. There has been at least 68 deaths in the last five years in Australia with almost all victims not wearing life jackets. This bloke survived okay, but I didn’t see him catch any fish. Queensland, Australia.


A few days ago at Snapper Rocks, these lads weren’t clinging to the rocks like a baby clings to it’s mother – this was the real deal. Time after time, as huge waves pounded the gnarly rocks, these young dare devils clung to them like professional mountain climbers. Yep, better to be doing this than at home playing computer games. Hooray, woohoo. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.