Perhaps It’s Different

The iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia has been photographed so many times, from so many angles, it’s hard to snap something different. So, while I was there a few weeks ago I decided I’d try to photograph something that has not done before. I’m not sure if this has been done, but it is an image I snapped over my four day holiday period. Hooray. Nice. New South Wales, Australia.

Walk This Way

This is the very first picture I snapped of six-month-old Mishka and her mother, Liya when I strolled into Polar Bear Shores at Sea World a few days ago. You can see the mist of cold water, and the red thing floating in the foreground is one of their toys. And my, they really love their toys – they wouldn’t leave them alone. Gold Coast, Australia.

Hello Cocky

At sunset yesterday in Sydney, while having a cleansing ale at Circular Quay, Sydney, I noticed a mohawk man walking along the waterfront near the Opera House. With no time to check my exposure, I leapt from my chair, and as I snapped the first image some person blocked my view. The same thing happened with the second shot. The next two frames were slightly out of focus. Bastard! I quickly moved along a few tables and all of a sudden I had a clear view of the fuzz, so I managed to snap off two quick pictures in succession. “Hooray!” I yelled like a crazed animal.