From Chips to Church

Antonios Xalas is originally from a small village in Greece. In the early 60s he moved to Sydney where he opened a popular fish and chip shop in Manly. He is 73 years-of-age, married with two sons. Since 1974, he has been the priest of the Greek Orthodox Church of Resurrection in the hills of Ermoupolis, Syros, which was built in 1870. When asked if  I could go into the church to take a look and snap a few pictures his comment was, “One or two.” On the way out I asked could I snap some photographs of him, his answer was, “Yes, one or two.” 

The Attack

I was a attacked by an angry pelican over the weekend. If it wasn’t for my quick reflexes and keen eye, I could have been eaten. Maybe the pelican mistook me for a groper. It got so close to me, its beak scratched my lens hood. However, I thought later, if the pelican did eat me, because I just eaten a load of chilli and garlic, it would have quickly spat me out. ( Gold Coast, Australia).

A Sad Situation

I was on the spot yesterday morning when firefighters battled to control a house fire at Burleigh Heads on the Gold Coast. Except from being ordered about by police, and them telling onlookers to disperse because there was asbestos in the house, I know nothing more. Although, later, I heard a young man was taken away on handcuffs. Queensland, Australia.