A Page Turner

This man’s book must have been a real page turner. Probably couldn’t put it down. Even though there was a kerfuffle going on right behind him on Legian beach in Bali, Indonesia, it was more than likely he couldn’t have care less. However, when he did stir and tried to get rid of them, but one dog retaliated and raced off with his T-shirt. Very funny indeed.

Surprise – Surprise

This Pied Oystercatcher I snapped over the weekend was surprised by a incoming wild wave at Snapper Rocks, Gold Coast. I knew this was bound to happen at some stage so I waited for the right moment: Oystercatchers are very shy of humans and seldom allows close approach. That’s for bloody sure. They are as wary little bastards. I snapped this one with a 300mm lens. Queensland, Australia.