Nikon Nickoff

Early yesterday morning I was on the Gold Coast Spit with ace movie cameraman¬†Gerry Williams¬†snapping pictures. I was carrying two cameras – one with a 18-300 mm lens and the other lens was a 40mm Micro. I was wearing my ripper Antarctic jacket with a mobile phone, a garage remote control and a few other odds and ends in the pockets. I had my backpack on, with batteries, six cards and a GoPro inside. As I was snapping I moved too close to a water drain – the sand gave away and down I went two metres into the water and sloppy sand. As I hit the bottom, somehow I managed to hold my main camera above the water and that was saved, but the other camera and lens is now deceased. (That’s Gerry washing the salt water off the camera with fresh water). However, it is stuffed. I was devastated. And I stayed that way for the rest of the day. I injured my knee and bruised my back – but I survived. (Gold Coast, Australia).

The Attack

I was a attacked by an angry pelican over the weekend. If it wasn’t for my quick reflexes and keen eye, I could have been eaten. Maybe the pelican mistook me for a groper. It got so close to me, its beak scratched my lens hood. However, I thought later, if the pelican did eat me, because I just eaten a load of chilli and garlic, it would have quickly spat me out. ( Gold Coast, Australia).