Toucan Missile

While looking for Toucans at the Iguazu Falls in Argentina I searched high and low, over hill and dale, in trees, gullies, cliffs, mountains, waterfalls, even under rocks and boulders, but this is the only one I spotted. It was faster than a speeding bullet, but I managed to snap the elusive bastard as it zoomed over my head. I nearly missed it, but this image is better than nothing at all. Hooray! dsc_1190

Whale Bones In The Snow

Whale bones in the snow, a picture I snapped on a dullish day at a remote research station in Antarctica. For four months (this time) the station is run by four ladies hand-picked from thousands of applicants from around the world to gather information on animals and keep precise details of the environment. They are also expected to keep the property maintained and clean up penguin droppings around the station. As hundreds of penguins gather at the station, that is a chore repeated over and over. Hooray, for the ladies and hooray for the bones.dsc_1665

Roll Out The White Carpet

Please imagine this. It could happen: “Sedgwick, it was lovely of the Emperor Penguin to roll out the white carpet especially for us.”
Sedgwick: “What do you expect, Alastair? It’s your wedding day!”
Alastair: “Fair enough. Tell me, does your suit feel a bit odd?”
Sedgwick: “Yes, mine feels strange. Have you got a problem with yours?”
Alastair: “I think that suit hire joint gave us the wrong suits.”
Sedgwick: “Bastard, why do you think that?”
Alastair: “Because mine keeps riding up the crack of my bum.”
Sedgwick: “Oh that’s nasty – so does mine. Bugger, what will we do?”
Alastair: “Let’s strip off before we get to the churchberg.”
Sedgwick: “But Alastair, what in the hell are we going to wear?”
Alastair: “We’ll go in our birthday suits. Nobody will notice.”
Sedgwick: “That’s fair enough, but what will happen down below when the minister tells you to kiss the bride?”
Alastair: “Bloody hell, Sedgwick, you and your one-track mind. One day I’m going to whack you over the head with a wet fish.”dsc_5939-1