Hands Speak #3

I try to tell the personality of a person by their hands, so I’ve decided to snap them at random. I shot these in a cafe on the Gold Coast. Old hands. Strong veins – pumping blood – adds life. There will be no studio pictures, no lights, no faces, no elbows, no make-up, no photoshop and hopefully no fuck-ups. Just pictures of hands as I see them. Hope you enjoy my new series.013_2014

King Of Queenstown

At first glance it was the ruddy complexion and red rimmed piecing eyes of 78-year-old Graeme Walker that attracted me to him. He stared intently at my camera when I asked to snap a picture on his favourite bench in the main street of the mining town of Queenstown in Tasmania, Australia. Graeme has lived there for more than 60 years, spending 37 of those years working most days and nights in an open-cut mine. He says he is as fit as a fiddle and able to walk a few miles each day (if need be). I found him to be a decent cove with a dry sense of humour. We had a wonderful chat. Graeme would love you to go the full screen and see his wonderful face.013_9077