I’m A Naughty Boy

Yesterday, I and were having a few cool drinks at a bar on the Gold Coast. During that time I threw a few soggy chips over the railing for the gulls. I got scolded by one of the staff for feeding the birds. There was a sign saying not to feed the birds but I was on a mission. I wanted to see if the fishing line gull proof fence would stop the gulls from landing. As you can see the fence failed miserably.

To Take A Picture Like This…

Gulls are inquisitive bastards. To attract their attention, wave your hands above your head and make distressed gull noises. Toss one or two potato chips upward and you’ll have them buzzing like flies. Attach a chip to your lens hood with a lump of Blu-Tack. Place a chip on each shoulder and wait. As gulls are shy and timid, they will hover, keep their distance, and wait for the precise moment to pounce. Snap your pictures and leave the beach promptly without looking up. Gulls aren’t stupid. They have good memories. So next time you go to the beach to shoot a similar picture, wear a disguise or the gulls will recognised you and avoid the situation like the plague. Gold Coast, Australia.dsc_7483-1