Life’s Moments

Been in Bali, Indonesia, for a month and never encountered any trouble whatsoever shooting pictures. Many people asked me to take their photo. I knocked many back. Since I arrived back on the fabulous Gold Coast, Australia, all that has changed. This morning I had an encounter with a silhouetted man with a metal detector with no name and no face.
Silhouette Man: “You can’t take my picture. Don’t do it!”
Me: “You are only a silhouette – besides this is a public area so I am allowed to take your photo as long as I don’t defame you.”
Silhouette Man: “I am not the public…so you can’t take my picture.”
Me: “You are a member of the public and you are in a public area.”
Silhouette Man: “No! I’m not a member of the public!”
Me: “Yes you are! Anyway that metal gizzmo doesn’t work that well because I found one dollar from where you just came from.”
Silhouette Man: “Who said I was looking for money…?”
Me: “Maybe your’e not. However, I bet you’re looking for jewellery and other expensive items people may have left or lost on the beach.”
Silhouette Man: “So?”
Me (frightened of what I was about to say): “That’s stealing. If you find anything expensive you should and must hand the items into the police.” (And off I went quick and smart. As I moved about other parts of the beach looking for pictures, I noticed he kept a keen eye on me).