It’s Moments Like These…

At 4.45am yesterday morning, as the moon went down this scene tempted me to slam on the brakes of my scooter and reach for the Nikon. It is moments such as this that I wish I owned a tripod – but I don’t. I do own a monopod, but I can’t be bothered to cart the bastard all over the joint. Anyway, there’s nothing like the real deal, real life, real moments. Yippee, go the moon. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.

Life’s Moments

At about 5.22am a few days ago I was shooting pictures of the full moon and a high-rise at Main Beach, Australia. I was using a 600mm lens. Then I heard someone yell my name.
The Voice: “Hey Tommy what are you perving at?”
Me: “There’s a moon on the balcony…a big moon. It’s wonderful.”
The Voice: “Yeah, sure there is.”
Me: “The moon is definitely on the balcony…have a look at this little beauty.” (I showed him the back of my camera screen).
The Voice: “So it is, but for a moment I thought someone must have been mooning you.”
Me: “Strewth, I’m pleased that didn’t happen.”013_5873

The Moon And 7 News

All I wanted to do was to snap a picture of the moon when all of a sudden the Channel 7 news chopper flew past. That’s great, but why didn’t the bastards fly higher to be level with the moon…it would have been a better picture. As I had my 600mm lens with me it would have been a cinch to snap. Maybe my good buddy Warren Evans, news editor of Seven News, will organise the flyover for me tomorrow afternoon when the moon is full. Hey, ho. Gold Coast, Australia.CP2_5302