Life’s Moments

Been in Bali, Indonesia, for a month and never encountered any trouble whatsoever shooting pictures. Many people asked me to take their photo. I knocked many back. Since I arrived back on the fabulous Gold Coast, Australia, all that has changed. This morning I had an encounter with a silhouetted man with a metal detector with no name and no face.
Silhouette Man: “You can’t take my picture. Don’t do it!”
Me: “You are only a silhouette – besides this is a public area so I am allowed to take your photo as long as I don’t defame you.”
Silhouette Man: “I am not the public…so you can’t take my picture.”
Me: “You are a member of the public and you are in a public area.”
Silhouette Man: “No! I’m not a member of the public!”
Me: “Yes you are! Anyway that metal gizzmo doesn’t work that well because I found one dollar from where you just came from.”
Silhouette Man: “Who said I was looking for money…?”
Me: “Maybe your’e not. However, I bet you’re looking for jewellery and other expensive items people may have left or lost on the beach.”
Silhouette Man: “So?”
Me (frightened of what I was about to say): “That’s stealing. If you find anything expensive you should and must hand the items into the police.” (And off I went quick and smart. As I moved about other parts of the beach looking for pictures, I noticed he kept a keen eye on me).

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    • That’s the light on the wonderful Gold Coast, Tim. It’s like that most mornings. By the way, do you have any hassles with people when you are out snapping pictures? I cop it most days (but not in Bali).

  1. Correct Tommy. People here in Australia NEED to understand this country does NOT have a “Bill of Rights”, as such, anyone in a public place can be photographed. The grey area is what is then done with the said photo and in this case (correctly explained) you are not defaming him.

  2. Brilliant record of your conversation with the man without a silhouette. Glad you still got his pic and what a beauty it is too!! I think: no silhouette…no shadow…no soul. Would have been interesting to find out what or who he thought he personified!! Yea, I often get told that I must ask before I take someone’s photo!!! or even been asked to delete it..I always refuse of course but one has to be a little careful.

    • He was a silly bugger, Paula. There is no law in Australia. Public area all okay. He turned nasty. Up to no good I think. And it’s good to be wary of others.

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