On The Streets Of Bali

From a distance, across the road in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, I spotted this wonderful man strolling down the road. As he approach, I picked a clean area ready to take a few pictures. As there is so much traffic in Bali, as he got in position, I was tense that a bus or a truck a car or a dozen bikes would not go pass and stuff up my shot. I was safe. Amazing – there was a break in the traffic. 

The Barber

Walking the streets of Sanur in Bali, Indonesia, when I stopped to chat with this wonderful man. His name is Nyoman Oka. He was sitting in front of a white tinted window which read ‘Billionaire Cut Barber’s Shop’. I discovered he was the barber. I flicked my locks from side to side. He didn’t talk, but he nodded and seemed to understand I had a desire to snap his picture. He was very shy and extremely polite and as skinny as a rake. I could feel in my heart he was a wonderful and kind soul.