A Mohawk Moment

While in Sydney I’ve been attempting to snap a picture of the Opera House that may not have been taken before.This afternoon I saw this colourful dude with a whizz-bang hair-do so I asked if he’d let me snap his picture. “Yeah, no worries there mate,” he said. We had to stand high on a ledge so as not to get the clutter around us. Before I was warmed up, along comes a burly security officer who ordered us off the ledge. Hooray. Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.

Perhaps It’s Different

The iconic Sydney Opera House in Australia has been photographed so many times, from so many angles, it’s hard to snap something different. So, while I was there a few weeks ago I decided I’d try to photograph something that has not done before. I’m not sure if this has been done, but it is an image I snapped over my four day holiday period. Hooray. Nice. New South Wales, Australia.

This Old Church

And here is a picture I snapped inside a disused church, now a cafe, situated on the highway in the country town of Broadwater in New South Wales, Australia. Incidentally, Broadwater was my home town when I was about two-years-old, before I was taken away and dumped in the Church of England North Coast Children’s Home in Lismore. I stayed in that hell home for 14 long hard years.013_6444