I Met Maria

I have not seen many elderly Greek ladies about Mykonos who wear scarves on their heads like Maria. I spotted her leaning over a fence where I am staying in mighty Mykonos in Greece. I approach Maria with a cheery, “yassou” and she “yassoued” back. We had a nice chat so I asked if I could her picture. Later, I discovered that Maria was the original owner of the complex I was staying in – plus the original owner of a few other complexes in Mykonos. Say yassou to Maria.

The Answer was Blowing In The Wind

Yesterday, there was photo shoot happening near the iconic Windmills of Mykonos, Greece. So naturally I whipped out the 300mm lens and knocked off a few frames. It was so windy on the hill, many times her dress billowed up and around her head showing her pink underwear and a rather large tattoo on her thigh, part of which you can see. Later I saw the same model posing in a pretty green dress on the sidewalk. How wonderful. Hooray.