Honey Makes You Happy

I did a deal with this old grey gentleman who was selling honey on the streets of Ubud in Bali, Indonesia. Even though we spoke to each other, we could not understand a word the other was saying. By using facial expressions and elaborate hand movements, the gentleman soon understood that I would buy a bottle of honey if he let me take his picture. As if he had been instructed, he sat up and gazed straight down the barrel of my camera. I let the camera do the talking. I then handed him a substantial crisp rupiah note. He handed me the honey, but I gave it back. I gently touched his shoulder and continued on my merry way. I looked back and saw that he was still looking at the money I’d given him. Hooray.  


A Premonition

When a man with a camera (me) is having a beer on the beach he has time to think ahead to what might happen. I watched this lady taking selfies – she was holding the umbrella to keep the sun off her face. She turned this way and that way and as she edged closer to the rocks I knew that something was bound to happen. She didn’t cop a big spray from the water, but although you can’t see her face, I can assure you it frightened the hell out of her. I snapped this picture at Mushroom Beach at Lembongan in Bali, Indonesia.

On The Streets Of Bali

From a distance, across the road in Sanur, Bali, Indonesia, I spotted this wonderful man strolling down the road. As he approach, I picked a clean area ready to take a few pictures. As there is so much traffic in Bali, as he got in position, I was tense that a bus or a truck a car or a dozen bikes would not go pass and stuff up my shot. I was safe. Amazing – there was a break in the traffic.