Octopus Delight

Calamari is not the full squid, but octopus is the real deal. This picture shows what I love about Greece. The octopus drying in the sun are caught overnight in the Aegean Sea. In the morning the octopus are hung out to dry in the sun. At night it’s resting on your dinner plate drowned in rich mouth-watering sauce and other wonderful types of food.

This Old Church

And here is a picture I snapped inside a disused church, now a cafe, situated on the highway in the country town of Broadwater in New South Wales, Australia. Incidentally, Broadwater was my home town when I was about two-years-old, before I was taken away and dumped in the Church of England North Coast Children’s Home in Lismore. I stayed in that hell home for 14 long hard years.013_6444