Well I’ll Be….

I went outside early yesterday morning on the Gold Coast, I looked up and noticed the moon going down. I raised the camera to see if these was some sort of picture I could snap. Just as I decided there was nothing in it, bugger me if this butcher bird didn’t fly past obviously trying to catch an early worm. Well I’ll be a monkeys uncle. Snap. Hooray. Queensland, Australia.

Table For One

This afternoon I was sitting at an outdoor cane table with a glass top when I spotted a Butcherbird giving me the hungry eye. I went inside and plucked a plug of mince meat from the fridge and popped it on the table. Expecting nothing, I took a heavy swig of my beer and waited. Racing now! As the bird quickly swooped I knocked off a quick picture and this is the result. It’s not a ripper snap, but it is a lucky snap. Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.013_3943