Touching Image

Snapped this touching photograph in Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall yesterday. I spoke with the young bloke later and discovered his name is Jon. He said he was born with no legs. At times he performs balancing acts on a ball at various places in the Mall. Jon is a brave and decent young man and above all he appears to be very happy. Good for him. Queensland, Australia.dsc_7732

Statue Man

Could this be the first ever statue with blue eyes? Unfortunately not. This is the wonderful and talented Statue Man of Melbourne City. And there wasn’t a pigeon within cooee. This clever fellow stands motionless on a pedestal until some kind soul drop a few dollars into the hat at his feet, or to change positions. He dipped his hat at me just after I popped a few gold coloured coins into the kitty. (Melbourne, Victoria, Australia).dsc_0562-1