Clever Cat

Meet Boomer the skateboarding cat, a picture I snapped at Rainbow Beach a few days. Owner Robert Dollwet says it is short for Boomerang. Boomer is a Bengal, adopted by Robert because of its (supposedly) trainability. He was well aware of the Bengal’s wild traits. They are not your typical lap cat, plus they require a lot of room, attention and mental stimulation. Not a breed for most people, especially a cat person. It’s a lot like raising a very energetic puppy. John said he used to “train police dogs so it is the perfect breed for me”. PAWNOTE: As I only had a short time with Boomer, he wasn’t easy to snap as I didn’t know when he would lower his paw to push the skateboard along. But this will do. Meow, meow, meow.  Queensland, Australia.

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