Hooray For Mother’s Day

My mother deserted me when I was two-years-old and my sister four-years-old. Our father dumped us in an Anglican children’s home to be cared for. We never set eyes on either of them again. The home was full of hatred, bloodshed, physical, sexual and psychological abuse. I survived in that hell-home for 14 years, my sister for eight before she was adopted by a family of misfits and drunks. Although my sister still suffers deeply (and at times I do), I have had a wonderful, fulfilled and exciting life. Anyway, to all the beautiful and loving mothers, especially my dear sister and my dear darling daughter, Elouise, enjoy your day and keep on loving and hoping for a better life for every child in the world. Hooray, here is a flower for the mothers everywhere. (Gold Coast Australia).

4 responses

  1. Tommy, what can I say . Your experience is of a time where kid’s feelings did not count, mine is too. Mostly, now and in the past, a mother’s love in unconditional and forever true. For me it is a sad day having lost my one and only child a few years ago, who always produced a gift for me , wherever he was.

  2. Richard, I can feel your pain, your are such a beautiful person and not a day goes bye without me thinking of you and what might have been. You hold a very special place in my heart that will remain with me forever. Jenny ❤️😬

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