Two Fur Coats

A ROMANTIC INTERLUDE I overheard in the jungle in Ubud, Bali, Indonesia:
“I’ll never forget the day I saw you swinging through the jungle in your leopard-skin speedos. Oh, you looked so manly.”
“Ah yes, I remember. On that very day I was chasing after Tarzan. I wanted to be his side-kick, so I had to get rid of Cheeta.”
“And when you gave me that bunch of bananas I fell in love.”
“A lovely memory. How about we swing into town and have dinner at a fancy restaurant to celebrate our wedding anniversary.”
“Oh my darling, that would be wonderful. I’m in the mood for satays with lashings of peanut sauce and a couple of banana fritters.”
“Just for a change, I might have the steak, egg and chips.”
“Do we need to wear our Sunday best?”
“Certainly not – it wouldn’t be a wise move for any manager to kick anyone out who wears an expensive fur coat.”

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