The Barber

Walking the streets of Sanur in Bali, Indonesia, when I stopped to chat with this wonderful man. His name is Nyoman Oka. He was sitting in front of a white tinted window which read ‘Billionaire Cut Barber’s Shop’. I discovered he was the barber. I flicked my locks from side to side. He didn’t talk, but he nodded and seemed to understand I had a desire to snap his picture. He was very shy and extremely polite and as skinny as a rake. I could feel in my heart he was a wonderful and kind soul. 

Life’s Moments

Met this lovely man on Sanur beach in Bali, Indonesia, just before sunrise. We had a quick chat. I noticed his body was gaunt, his voice was slow, low and wavering.
Me: “And how are you on such a wonderful day?”
Man: “I’m doing okay…but to tell the truth I’m not doing good.”
Me: “Sorry to hear that. You may get better during the day.”
Man: “No I won’t…I have skin cancer…the worst kind.”
Me: “I’m sorry. That’s a bastard. Is there anything I can do for you?”
Man: “I’ll be fine, thanks. there’s nothing anyone can do.”
Me: “Do you come to the beach every day?”
Man: “When I feel okay…but I’m only here before the sun rises.”
Later, off he goes down to the beach, kneels in the clear cool water and meditates for a while. Then he dips his face in the water for a few moments, lifts it to take a long deep breath, and does it again. He must have done that 12 or 14 times. Then he slowly walked from the water, stood firmly in the sand for about 30 minutes and meditated slowly moving his arms. His actions were purposeful and precise. When he finished we bid our farewells and he was gone. A real nice decent bloke, but very sad.