Life’s Moments Turns Into Hours

First up, you must go see the magical and stunning Iguazu Falls in Argentina. Loved it. Adored it. However, be careful if you see a terrific photograph of a huge full moon balancing on the brink of one section of the waterfall advertising a ‘Full Moon Walk At Iguazu’. Really, how can anyone resist that. The cost is $60 per person. Not bad considering. Purchasing the tickets is like trying to buy them at a sold out sporting event in Australia. The queues are long, the people are anxious and pushy. There are hundreds of tourists leaving the train station at three different times. My friend and I were lucky to be on the first train which left at 8.30pm. But before we left, to our dismay, we could see the full moon was high in the sky. Finally we choofed off on something that looked like one of those miniature trains you see at a theme park for kiddies (only with many more carriages). The tourists are packed in like oranges in a crate, knee to knee, face to face. As the train rattled up the track, because of the darkness we could not see the natural beauty of the rainforest. The full moon kept rising, but we hoped for the best. Twenty five minutes later we arrive at a dodgy train station and ushered off into semi-darkness. We were told to stay with an “English speaking guide” (who spoke better Spanish than English). However that was short-lived as we never laid eyes on him again. Then, in complete darkness we walked more than one kilometre over narrow walk bridges, under and around trees and shrubs. Most of the time water was rushing loudly beneath our feet. Scary. When we arrived at the falls I pushed through the bustling crowd to get a decent advantage point only to be driven back by the enormous force of the spray from the waterfall. Meanwhile the moon was higher in the sky. Most of the time it was covered in mist and spray. To keep my camera dry, I had to stand back about 30/40 metres. No one told us to bring torches, raincoats or umbrellas. Because of the false advertising, praising the full moon sitting pretty on top of the waterfall, it was all an absolute fucking waste of time and money. So don’t fall for the waterfall. However, because of the full moon, someone must be getting very rich.dsc_1061

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