Penguin Awareness Day

HOORAY – today is Penguin Awareness Day and  I was not aware of that until now because this baby Gentoo Penguin just told me so. I snapped the cute little bastard in the Antarctica just the other day. Here are a few facts: The cliché “stay-at-home mum” role is actually played by the father, who stands over the egg to keep it warm while the mother sets off to find food. There are 18 different species of penguin, all of which can be found in the Southern Hemisphere. The earliest known penguins lived about 66 million years ago – a time in which dinosaurs still roamed. Most penguins practice monogamy, sticking to one partner for years on end, even when separated by thousands of miles. Penguins have no fear of human contact. Since they have no natural land predators, they hardly blink an eye when a human approaches. Yah, love a penguin today. Take one home for the children.dsc_6176

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