Ken: National Geographic Photographer

I the Antarctic Peninsular I had the wonderful pleasure of standing shoulder to shoulder shooting pictures with National Geographic photographer, Ken Garrett – a gentle and unassuming man. In a career spanning 40 years Ken has photographed more than 60 feature stories for National Geographic and National Geographic Traveller magazines. His work has also appeared in Smithsonian, Fortune, Air and Space, Archaeology, Forbes, Time, Life, Audubon, Geo Germany, National Wildlife and Natural History magazines, among others. With an academic background in anthropology, Ken has documented ancient cultures, archaeological sites and dramatic landscapes worldwide. AND I noticed Ken was using a top of the range Nikon but I couldn’t believe my eyes to see he was (at one stage) using a Sigma 150-600mm lens. The same lens as mine only I have the Sigma Sports version. He also said at times he had trouble focusing that lens. I piped up and told him my lens was waterproof with a very fast focus. Yah for Ken, you beauty.dsc_1109-1

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