Dog Fight

I overheard this conversation in a Gold Coast park in Queensland, Australia:
White Woofer: ‘You mongrel, I heard you’re throwing crap on my owners new dress? Let’s go outside and sort this out dog to dog.’
Black Woofer: ‘But, we are already outside you fleabag!’
White Woofer: ‘Well, in that case, let’s go inside and sort this out.’
Black Woofer: ‘But I’m not allowed inside.’
White Woofer: ‘What are you…dog or mouse?’
Black Woofer: ‘I could beat the fur off you with one paw tied behind my back. I fought that thug bull terrier who lives in the Caravan park down the road. And I won! Did you know that?’
White Woofer: ‘Ah, did you? Oh, shit, I heard that! Okay my good buddy, how about you and I head down the road and knock off a large tin of Pal and packet of meaty bites…my shout.’013_3304

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