Two Dog’s Talking

Dog1: “Morning Fido, look at us running ourselves ragged on the beach…isn’t it wonderful? It wasn’t that long ago we weren’t even allowed on the couch. How good is this?”
Dog 2: “But Rover, I’m still not allowed on the couch and you know how much I love a good comfy couch. Who do I have to bribe to get that privilege?”
Dog 1: “Just pretend your’e sick. Your owner will take pity, he’ll give you a kind pat on the head, and your’e on the couch – bingo.”
Dog 2: “Hell no, the last time I tried that stunt my owner carted me off to the vet, and you know how much I hate vets. He stuck his finger up…”
Dog 1: “Okay, okay, Fido, that’s enough. I’ll sleep on it and come up with a better couch plan. But in the mean time let’s go chase those pesky gulls.”
Dog 2: “Okay baby, let’s do it. Let’s move it. Last one there is a rotten egg.”

Snapped this on the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.013_6722

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