Borealis You Beauty

Finally I managed to snap at lease one reasonably decent visual of the amazing dancing Aurora Borealis at Bettles in the Arctic Circle, Alaska. As a person who rarely snaps pictures at night, I found it reasonably hard to do so. One never knows what will happen next. The light flashes, jumps, dances, brightens and fades away in a matter of seconds. It’s near impossible to know where the strongest light source will come from. For many hours I was forever turning left to right, right to left, moving the tripod backward and forward so much I became giddy and silly in the head. At one stage there was no decent light source for at last 40 minutes. So you wait and you freeze. And of course the foreground is a very important element. That needs to be planned. Nevertheless, I’ll try again tonight. Marilyn and I will shift camp at about 11.30pm and head to a river a few miles away from the lodge in the hope the light flares up like a bastard and casts its beauty across the still water. I can only live in hope. Last night we (and others) stayed out until 2.30am or so. But what a ripper experience!  Yah!CP2_2406

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