Life’s Moments

I was in a pharmacy in Vancouver when this lady by the name of Kreastena commented on my loud clothes. She called me over. After chatting she showed me and a shop assistant a picture of herself in a bikini when she was young. She then showed me a picture when she married Joseph, a 20-year-old Greek man. She was 55. Kreastena told she was a cougar back then. Of course I laughed.
K: “He had meat for the poor…ha, ha.”
Me (Innocently): “And what does that mean?”
K: “Don’t you know that saying? It means he had a big dick…ha, ha.”
Me (Blushing slightly): “Where is he now? Are you still married?”
K: “No, I got rid of him years ago…but he was a really good fuck. He was only after my money. And he got some too.”
Me: “Ah, well, yes, that is interesting. Tell me what happened?”
K: “I gave him the finger just like this and told him to fuck off.”
Me: “Good for you, Kreastena. The big K strikes back. Hey, ho.”
K: (Placing her hand between her legs): “I told him the box is closed and the bank is closed so fuck off.”
The language and detail that erupted from her mouth had me gobsmacked. She happily let me snap a few pictures. I gave my photo card to the guy in the pharmacy to print the pictures for her.
K: “What are you doing now? Would you like a coffee?”
Me: “No thanks sweetheart, I’m on an adventure, I have to go.”
Before we parted she gave me her address and phone number. As I left I looked back at her. She waved and smiled. I waved and quickened my pace. What an experience that was. Some of her words were so descriptive I can’t print them.013_6737

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