Life’s Moments

After volunteering at Red Cross this morning, while riding home on my scooter I spotted this car. I stopped and knocked off a couple of photos. I just about to leave when I noticed a copper waving his arms above his head as he walked towards me.
Copper: “This is a crime scene and you can’t take pictures here…and you nearly got knocked over by that (tow) truck.”
Me: “I didn’t know it was a crime scene. Where’s the police tape?”
Copper: “Well it is a crime scene…are you a reporter?
Me: “No, I just take photos around the Gold Coast of anything I want.”
Copper: “Do you work for a newspaper?”
Me: “No, but I did.”
Copper: “So are you going to delete those photos?”
Me: “No, I don’t have too. I have done nothing wrong.”
The copper looked at his police notebook, looked at me, looked towards the car crash and walked away. I stood motionless for a while and as he didn’t come back to me or even look back I walked casually to my scooter and zipped off into the dull morning light. (GoldCoast, Queensland, Australia).013_4752

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