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  1. I do not understand why you do not get more comments, your stuff is truly good and often outstanding. ,I do not understand how people find anything on WordPress..it is so vast. I believer it is something to do with keywords. Whatever , I enjoy , appreciate your driven dedication, professionalism and art.

      • When you look at posts of others and click on visit..you then come onto their WordPress page , you then see a lot of ‘keywords or categories’ under the photo. They are entered at the time of adding a new post with your account reader page…on my left are all the possibilities I can use to make my post interesting to others…you have perhaps a ‘theme ‘ that does not offer you that, but is unlilkely..you can find an overload on information on the help pages of your account. Hope this helps, your stuff deserves much more attention then it is getting now…But…do not leave us.

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