Gwen, You Are Wonderful

After snapping pictures early morning at Snapper Rocks, later, eating breakfast with snapper Gavin Brown, I spotted this wonderful lady behind me reading a book. I fell in love with her face and make-up. I approached her and had a quick yarn. She told me her name was Gwen:
Me: “Hello, my name is Tommy, I enjoy taking pictures of people, and as you look so wonderful and different, I’d love to shoot your picture.”
Gwen (nervously): “Well I suppose it will be okay.”
Me (after I’d shot the pictures): “If you have an e-mail I’ll send you some pictures?”
Gwen: “No, I do not have e-mail and I think I’d be better off not seeing the result. But thank you.” Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.013_3731

2 responses

    • A wonderful lady, Paula. Cheers. Nice light, and the make-up look better in the flesh. If I have hit her with light from a fleckkie, the picture may have been a lot better. But I am not a perfectionist.

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