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  1. I am with you on this one, on my wildlife snapping days, when I first started, 11 years ago, I logs heavy gear around and a tripod with superfast lenses..nonsense..could have snapped on fast shutter speed. Now …I sold it! Love your photo , Tommy , what a super shadow.

    • Hand held is alive and well. Keep doing that. I like to be able to twist and swing in any direction in a second so I don’t miss a thing. You beauty. I carry two cameras so I am ready for just about anything. Hey, ho, Paula.

      • Oh…Tommy, you are right, I wish that I also had two cameras..one with long and one with short lens..but there is quite a lot on my wish list and it is relatively easy to have little lens in pocket , just in case! As a result I hardly ever use it.. might put a small, easy simple , quiet, but fast camera on my ‘urgent’ list!. Not sure if that sort exists yet, something that can shoot in the dark like my Nikon can.

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