Life’s Moments 1

On the Broadwater (Gold Coast) in darkness, I heard yelling and screaming. I noticed a man lying on the grass. He was surrounded by police and ambulance officers – willing him to let them take him to hospital. He refused. He bleated. He made accusations of assault. He wanted to call a lawyer. The officers could see there nothing they could do, and as he wasn’t breaking the law, they moved on. Along comes a Good Samaritan, who’d seen and heard what had happened. He asked the bleater if he wanted to call his lawyer. He did. The Samaritan was amused as he held the phone on speaker to the bleaters face. And his puppy made the most of the situation. Then along comes another man with a big chest and wiry arms. He looked at me with glowing anger.
Angry Man: “I want you to delete those pictures and go away!”
Good Samaritan (stepping forward): “Leave him alone, he does not have to delete anything. If you make a move I’ll rip your heart from your chest…have you got that?”
I softly said “fucking hell” and moved off. Later, hidden behind a thick tree, I watched the angry man help the bleating man to his feet and and off they walked into the sunrise. Queensland, Australia._CP23665

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