Life’s Moments

During the week I went to Burleigh Heads to shoot the sunrise. It was raining. I snapped pictures of the rain. The rain stopped, so up the hill I went. On the way I passed five guys huddled under a tree. They looked important.
Me: “Morning all – nice day. Anyway, why are you guys up so early?”
Guys: “We’ve got work at the Surf Club. And why are you up early on such a crappy day?”
Me: “I take pictures – I here for the sunrise.”
Guys: “It’s up there,” one said pointing up the hill.
Me: “Yes, I know that, thanks anyway.” (I was bemused that the guys thought I didn’t know where the sun came up).
Continuing up the hill, I noticed bright lights and a small crowd. As I drew closer I could see it was the Sunrise TV show doing a live broadcast. Oops, wrong sunrise. I had a great chuckle and told that story to a few people who thought it was funny. What a wonderful life. (Gold Coast Australia).013_9150

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